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Everything You Need to Know About Removing Large Tree

Do you have a large tree in your yard that looks like it might fall over? Removing large trees poses some unique challenges, so you should never attempt it yourself. 

As the tree service experts in Louisville, KY, Tree Care Inc. efficiently and safely removes large trees so they don’t cause problems on your property. Here we explain everything you should know about the process.

What Is Tree Removal?

Tree removal is the process of removing a tree that poses a danger to the rest of your property. Experts can use a variety of techniques to remove the tree, including cutting away the branches and trunk in pieces (sectional removal), chopping down the entire tree, or crane-assisted removal. The techniques the professionals use depend on the size of the tree and other factors, such as its proximity to other trees or structures.

Signs You Need Tree Removal

How do you know when you need tree removal? In general, arborists suggest saving the tree whenever possible because they’re a great benefit to your property and the ecosystem as a whole. However, when a tree shows the following signs, the experts suggest removing it:

  • Poor tree health: If an arborist can’t cure a disease, fungal infection, insect invasion, or widespread rot, they’ll suggest removing the tree before it falls over or the problem spreads throughout your yard.
  • Irreversible damage: When a tree suffers damage from landscaping equipment, a lightning strike, or animals, it can put the tree at risk of falling over. To prevent further damage to your property, the experts suggest removing the tree.
  • Excessive lean: If a tree leans a little, you shouldn’t worry about it falling over. However, if a tree develops a lean of at least 15 degrees, you should remove it before it can no longer support its own weight.
  • Encroachment: When a tree grows near powerlines, overhangs your home, or grows too close to another tree, it can leave your property vulnerable to a variety of dangers. In this case, the professionals may suggest removing even a healthy tree.
  • Immediate danger: If a tree poses an immediate danger, such as when it’s struck by lightning or has already fallen over, you should call for immediate help.
  • Disputes: If your tree straddles a property line or causes a dispute with your neighbors for other reasons, you may benefit from removing the tree.

Legal Considerations

Each city has its own guidelines about who’s responsible for removing a tree and which situations require obtaining a permit. Tree Care Inc. knows the laws in each town in our service area and ensures you stay compliant during the tree removal process.

The Challenge of Removing Large Tree

Removing large trees poses a special challenge. They often encroach on other trees or buildings, providing limited space for our specialists to work. It also requires proper equipment and safety protocols to avoid injury or collateral damage. 

We’ll assess your tree and determine the best method for safely removing it, but many large trees require removing the tree one piece at a time. 

What Happens During Tree Removal?

Tree removal requires some preparation, but once we begin removing the tree, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to three days. 

removing large trees

Preparing for Tree Removal

Preparing for tree removal begins by assessing the state of your tree. This includes determining the following:

  • The health of the tree and whether the tree needs removing
  • The size and location of the tree
  • How easily we can access the tree for removal
  • Nearby power lines or structures that are vulnerable to damage

If you need permits, we’ll help you obtain them. In certain situations, your insurance may cover the removal; in that case, we’ll help you file the claim. Finally, we’ll ask you to have the surrounding area free of any removable objects (like vehicles) that could impede or work or become damaged in the process.

Removing Your Tree

During the removal process, we ask you to give us as much room as possible to avoid safety issues. We’ll likely have some heavy equipment, and we’ll work hard to mitigate tracks on your lawn and other issues. We work hard to complete our work diligently and effectively to minimize the disturbance to your daily life.

Caring for Your Property After Tree Removal

Removing a tree can have an environmental impact on your yard, and at the very least you’ll have a bald spot or a stump where the tree once stood. Many times, we’ll include stump removal in our process, as even a single stump can wreak havoc on your yard. If you contracted with a different tree service and they left the stump behind, do your yard a favor and schedule stump removal without delay.

Your first instinct is probably planting grass over the area where we removed the tree. In this case, remove all the debris, fill in the hole, plant the grass seed, and keep it watered.

However, you should book an arborist consultation, because they may discover options that could serve your yard better. For example, you could plant another tree there or start a garden.

If you still have some cash you can invest in improving your property, consider adding landscaping to your now spacious property. Maybe you just want some added style and opt for a flower bed or small shrubbery. If you’re looking for something more functional, you may love a new patio, gazebo, or even a pool.

Tree Care Inc. Expertly Removes Large Trees

When you need help removing large trees, you want a company you can trust to complete the job effectively and safely. At Tree Care Inc., we maintain a team of certified professionals that care about the health of your trees. From knowing how far a tree will lean before it falls to creating custom fertilizers that keep your trees healthy, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible tree care.

You can request a free estimate online. To speak with a team member, call (502) 326-3661.


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