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Who To Call When a Tree Falls in Your Yard in Nashville?

Tall, beautiful trees in and around your property can make your landscape look full and enticing. Unfortunately, poor tree health, wood-boring pest infestations, and severe weather can jeopardize a tree’s ability to stay firmly upright. So knowing who to call when a tree falls in your yard is paramount for your home’s safety and curb appeal. 

Knowing which steps to take for a tree that fell on your property can be confusing. As one of Nashville’s reliable tree services, Tree Care Inc. knows what to do, which you can learn about in our post below. 

Essential Steps To Take for a Fallen Tree on Your Property

Sometimes, trees fall after a long existence in a noticeably poor state. Other times, trees fall suddenly, leaving property owners shocked and overwhelmed about what to do. Should you notice a fallen tree in your yard, remember these steps to take prompt action.

Ensure Your Safety

Trees falling around homes, businesses, pedestrians, and vehicles can become a dangerous situation. So when a tree falls, you first want to secure your safety and that of your household members and pets. Call 911 to report injuries.

If part or all of the tree falls onto your house, exit the building immediately. It’s best to go into your yard or across the street while watching for downed power lines, which are also hazardous. 

Assess the Damage 

Once you’re at a safe distance from the damage, assess the severity of the situation. Take pictures of the tree from as many angles as possible without getting too close or putting yourself in danger. Take note of damage to the house, vehicles, and other structures. 

If you’re still indoors because the tree fell into your yard without hitting your house, take a moment to evaluate what just happened. Did the room shake or lose power as the tree fell? If so, it probably hit a power line on the way down. 

Even if your home is generally safe without damage, you still need to see the fallen tree to determine the extent of the problem. Don’t go any closer than you need to due to other possible hazards like bad weather or hidden downed electrical wires. Take pictures of the tree from the best vantage point inside your house.

Call the Right Authorities Depending on the Damage

Knowing who to call when a tree falls in your yard depends on whether a tree simply toppled on your property or damaged your home, garage, or car. If your tree fell without causing property damage, your first phone call will be to a local tree care company offering emergency services. Property damage warrants a call to your insurance company. 

You may be able to file an insurance claim if your homeowner’s policy covers the type of damage the fallen tree causes. When you speak to an insurance agent, be as detailed as possible regarding the damage and losses you sustained from the fallen tree. They’ll instruct you on what to do if your situation qualifies for coverage.

You’ll still need to contact a reputable tree care service. If the tree causes property damage, it helps to work with a service experienced in handling insurance claims. It’ll make the claims process less stressful.

Schedule Tree Removal 

You might have to leave your home while the tree care company removes the tree. If so, be sure to lock up your home before you go. Board up broken windows and secure your valuables to prevent further damage and loss.

The tree care service will handle the tree removal process from start to finish. Don’t try to move the tree yourself or attempt to help. The best thing for you to do is document the damage and let the tree care specialists use their expertise and specialized equipment to rid your property of the toppled tree without causing additional problems. 

If you’ve filed a claim through your insurance company, you might have to wait for them to send an adjuster to your home and approve your claim before the tree care service can start working. 

What To Remember Before a Tree Falls

Tree care is something all Nashville property owners should invest in, but unfortunately, not everyone does. Still, being mindful of the state of trees in your yard or around your property lines can help prevent devastating situations like a tree falling onto your home or a neighbor’s vehicle. 

Monitor the Condition of Weakened Trees

The best way to mitigate the risks and hazards of fallen trees stems from monitoring weak trees. Weak trees might have problems growing healthy foliage, retaining their bark, or keeping their leaves a healthy color. It’s also possible for trees to suddenly lean after a storm, which indicates a higher risk of a fall. 

As soon as you notice signs of trouble, contact a certified arborist. These professionals can assess the tree’s health, prune dead or dying branches, and provide cabling and bracing services for added support. 

Communicate With Neighbors About Potentially Hazardous Trees

Sometimes, problematic trees pose a danger to your property, yet they’re not part of it. If your neighbor has a potentially hazardous tree, politely speak with them about your concerns. They might take care of the tree before it becomes a problem for everybody.

Know Who’s Responsible for a Fallen Tree

You might be responsible for dealing with the aftermath if your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard. Yet the responsibility for cleanup might shift back to them if you alert them of your concerns before the tree falls. 

who to call when a tree falls in your yard

Tree Care Inc. Can Take Care of Any Fallen Tree Problem in Nashville

Knowing who to call when a tree falls in your yard in Nashville, Tennessee, is as easy as calling Tree Care Inc. As one of the top tree care services for the community, our licensed, trained, and certified professionals provide various services. Count on us to do everything from grinding stumps to trimming trees near power lines

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