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Does Cutting Down Trees Increase Property Value?

Are you considering selling your home and looking for ways to increase your property’s worth? You’re probably wondering, “Does cutting down trees increase property value?” As the trusted tree service contractor in Lexington, KY, Tree Care Inc. can help you understand when a tree adds value to your yard and when you’d do well to remove it.

The Benefits of Having Trees in Your Yard

Consider all the benefits of trees before removing them. Under the right circumstances, trees provide your yard with considerable benefits that are sure to improve your property value.

Curb Appeal

One way a healthy and robust tree adds value to your home is by increasing curb appeal. Have you ever driven by a house and felt awe at the perfect placement of its trees? With proper planning, your trees will provide the same effect, and if potential buyers prioritize a beautiful outdoor space, your trees could make the difference between a good offer and a great one.

Functional Space

Having the right type and placement of trees in your yard creates a more functional outdoor space. It allows you to comfortably spend time outside, even on the hottest days, and can even provide some entertainment like a rope swing or tree house.

Improved Ecosystem

Trees improve your yard’s ecosystem. Properly planning the type and placement of your trees may provide the following benefits:

  • Trees reduce soil erosion and the chance of flooding after heavy rains.
  • Wildlife like squirrels and birds make their homes in the trees. These animals provide crucial pest control, so you won’t have to deal with insect infestations or other pests.
  • Because they provide shade, trees help your home run more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills in the summer.

The Disadvantages of Trees on Your Property

Trees also bring some disadvantages, especially if you don’t care for them properly or take adequate planning measures. When considering cutting down a tree, determine whether it’s causing any of the following issues.

Maintenance Requirements

To prevent your trees from becoming a liability rather than an asset, you’ll invest time and money in maintaining them. Your expenses should include annual inspections and pruning or trimming every few years. You’ll also want to keep them fertilized and watered.

Many homeowners find trees worth the cost and effort because of all the benefits they provide.

Increased Risk

Does cutting down trees increase property value? The more trees you have on your property, the greater the likelihood they’ll eventually become hazardous and reduce your home’s worth. 

Thankfully, investing in regular and reliable tree care and maintenance can go a long way in preventing bad situations. Without proper attention, your trees could be at risk of:

  • Falling: The biggest danger of an unhealthy tree is its potential to fall and damage property and other trees or injure people and pets.
  • Disease: Your tree could develop diseases or insect infestations without proper care. Not only do these increase the chance your tree will fall, but dying trees also spread these issues to your other plant life or even your home (in the case of termites and insects).
  • Overgrowth: Without adequate trimming, your trees can become too dense or overgrown and encroach on power lines, creating a fire hazard. They might also hang over your home or vehicles and damage them if the branches fall.
  • Neighbor disputes: Damaged, unhealthy, ugly, or overgrown trees might upset your neighbors.

Insurance Challenges

In certain cases, trees can increase your insurance premiums or make it more difficult to obtain adequate coverage. If you live in an area of Kentucky with a higher risk of tornadoes, you’ll pay a higher premium on your insurance if you have trees.

Most homeowners shouldn’t worry about insurance problems, provided they care for their trees. If a tree falls, you’re only liable if you neglected to care for it properly.

Reduced Sunlight

Too many trees can lead to excess shade in your yard, hindering your enjoyment of the sun, reducing natural heating in the winter, and getting in the way of other plants in your yard or garden.

When To Cut Down Your Trees

Deciding when to cut down your trees requires consideration of multiple factors. A certified arborist can weigh all the following elements and advise whether you’d benefit more from keeping the tree or removing it.

does cutting down trees increase property value

You Can’t Fix the Issue

If you’re considering removing your tree because it’s causing issues on your property, first determine whether a tree care specialist could address the issue. If you’re worried about your tree, it’s likely because of one of the following problems:

  • Overgrowth: If you’re worried about density or splaying branches, have your tree pruned and see whether that fixes the problem.
  • Health: An arborist can often help your tree heal from damage or disease without requiring you to remove it.
  • Curb appeal: If you believe your tree is harming your curb appeal, a tree care specialist may fix the issue or suggest you remove it.

The Tree Poses a Safety Risk

If your tree risks your family or property’s safety, and an arborist can’t fix the issue, you’ll require tree removal. In this case, this will increase your property value.

The Tree Harms Your Ecosystem

If you have the wrong tree species or too many trees on your property, removing some or all of them can improve the overall health of your yard and add value to your home.

Contact Tree Care Inc. for Reliable Tree Service

Does cutting down trees increase property value? Now you know all the factors that help you determine the answer to this question. At Tree Care Inc., we offer a variety of tree removal services, handling even large trees, but can also tend to your trees and help them increase your property value. Our certified arborist will offer expert advice to help you create the perfect outdoor space that optimizes functionality and value.

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